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2013 Campaign Design Contest Winner

Posted on 05/01/2013 @ 03:32 PM

Ana Maria Villegas Wins 2013 Friends of the American Latino Museum Design Contest

As we conclude our second annual American Latino Museum Campaign Design Contest, we are proud to announce the winner is Ana Maria Villegas, a mother of 2 from Coral Springs, FL!

Ana Maria Villegas

Ana Maria Villegas

The Design Contest gives all 330,000 of our supporters the opportunity to submit a design and showcase their talent. Ana Maria was chosen as one of our top 5 finalists, and after thousands of votes were counted, her design won!

2013 Campaign Design Contest Winning Design

In receiving news of winning the design contest, Villegas, the mother of two who came to the United States from Mexico City almost 2 decades ago stated: “I felt very excited to participate in the design contest and support a national campaign that acknowledges the need to recognize the diverse Latino community for its valuable contributions to our country. I believe this is a great opportunity to encourage unity among cultures and I feel especially privileged and honored that my artwork is able to spread this message and play a part in the building of the American Latino Museum.”

Villegas describes her design as an original pastel painting that portrays “the innocence and excitement of a Latino child being immersed within a new culture integrating Latino and American richness. The feathers represent the indigenous roots, as I found them in Native American and Aztec headdresses. My belief is that unity flows through music and dance as a universal language. This is symbolized by the guitar as well as the yellow folk dress, flowing with endless possibility from the child. The American flag is in the background waving in the same motion.

She will be flown to Washington, D.C. for a special unveiling event, and her design will be part of a national media and outreach campaign. Most importantly, Ana Maria now has a place in the historic effort to create a National American Latino Museum!


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