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One of family, patriotism, hard work, ingenuity, and pride in the country we’ve all built together.

American Latinos are veterans, artists, athletes, business leaders–active participants in every walk of life. Latino communities have been an integral part of America since well before the founding of this great nation.

Our Stories
Can’t Stay Silent

Join us in calling for the building of a Smithsonian museum to house them.

Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS) is a non-profit, charitable organization, and is the only initiative dedicated to the creation of a National American Latino Museum.

The need for representation of American Latinos on the National Mall has been publicly acknowledged by the Smithsonian itself for more than 20 years.

“Latinos are woven into the fabric of America. All Americans benefit from a greater understanding of Latino contributions to this great country”

– Gina Rodriguez

What Would You Include?

Frida’s cast. Rudolfo Anaya’s manuscripts. Anthony Muñoz’s zapatos. The stethoscope of Helen Rodríguez Trías. Tell us the stories, people, events, or objects you believe should be featured in the American Latino Museum.

What I want to highlight for inclusion in the eventual Museum of the American Latino:

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Recent News

Comments From Tom Brokaw Demonstrate Lack of Understanding of the Latino Community and Its 500 Years of U.S. History  

The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino released this statement following comments from NBC news host Tom Brokaw on assimilation in the United States: “When we understand history, we better understand the present. The comments by Tom Brokaw underscore the distortion of American history that has for too long painted a false […]

Friends of the American Latino Museum Celebrates the Announcement of the Molina Family Latino Gallery

The Friends of the American Latino Museum released this statement in recognition of the Smithsonian Institution’s announcement of a $10 million donation to open the  Smithsonian Latino Center’s Molina Family Latino Gallery: “We extend our most heartfelt congratulations to Secretary Skorton and the Smithsonian Latino Center Director, Eduardo Díaz, on this historic announcement that will […]

Celebrating the Life of Former Commissioner Sandy Colón Peltyn

Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS) mourns the passing of a dear friend and champion for the Latina community, former Commissioner Sandy Colón Peltyn. We offer our deepest condolences to her family, and it is with tremendous honor and affection that we remember her passion and dedication to the fight for an American Latino […]