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Our Story

One of family, patriotism, hard work, ingenuity, and pride in the country we’ve all built together.

American Latinos are veterans, artists, athletes, business leaders–active participants in every walk of life. Latino communities have been an integral part of America since well before the founding of this great nation.

Our Stories
Can’t Stay Silent

Join us in calling for the building of a Smithsonian museum to house them.

Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS) is a non-profit, charitable organization, and is the only initiative dedicated to the creation of a National American Latino Museum.

The need for representation of American Latinos on the National Mall has been publicly acknowledged by the Smithsonian itself for more than 20 years.

“Latinos are woven into the fabric of America. All Americans benefit from a greater understanding of Latino contributions to this great country”

– Gina Rodriguez

What Would You Include?

Frida’s cast. Rudolfo Anaya’s manuscripts. Anthony Muñoz’s zapatos. The stethoscope of Helen Rodríguez Trías. Tell us the stories, people, events, or objects you believe should be featured in the American Latino Museum.

What I want to highlight for inclusion in the eventual Museum of the American Latino:

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Recent News

Statement on Congressman José Serrano’s Retirement Announcement

The Friends of the American Latino Museum released this statement following Congressman José Serrano’s (D-NY-15) announcement that he will retire at the end of the 116th Congress: “A champion for his constituents, the American Latino community, and our nation, Congressman Serrano will be missed upon his retirement at the end of this term. As a […]

FRIENDS Calls on the Smithsonian Board of Regents

Attn: David M. Rubenstein Chair, Smithsonian Board of Regents Smithsonian Institution 1000 Jefferson Drive SW #113 Washington, D.C. 20560 Dear Chairman Rubenstein, On behalf of the Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS), we respectfully bring to your attention a matter of great concern to us and millions of American Latinos around the nation: the […]

Friends of the American Latino Museum Launches New Leadership Networks With Political and Star Power Beginning in New York City

As Congress enters into a momentous new session, Friends of the National American Latino Museum (FRIENDS) is galvanizing high-profile supporters across the nation with the launch of its Regional Leadership Networks. Local and national leaders will serve as the champions and ambassadors for the campaign to create a Smithsonian National American Latino Museum on our […]