What’s next with the National Museum of the American
Latino? Designating a location for the future Latino

Since the passage of the National American Latino Museum Act, the Smithsonian has been working on laying the groundwork for the opening of the museum. Unfortunately, most of the locations identified to-date are NOT on the National Mall.

Our nation’s history is told across the museums on our National Mall. There is no other location for the National Museum of the American Latino than our National Mall – between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. This is our central message to the Smithsonian Secretary, the Board of Regents, and the American Latino Museum Board of Trustees.

Latino history is American history, and right now, Latinos are the missing piece on the National Mall. This summer, we’re coming together to demand that the Smithsonian follow the site recommendations made in the 2011 National Museum of the American Latino Commission report and prioritize the North Capitol Site (opposite the U.S. Botanical Gardens), the South Monument Site (opposite the National Museum of African American History and Culture) and the Arts & Industries Building as potential locations for the future museum.

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    The original 1901 McMillian Plan created a space for the Latino community in an era of targeted exclusion. We deserve to see these plans realized through the hard work of our community activists and allies, and the Latino trailblazers and history makers who’ve come before us. Join us to make this effort a reality. #BuildItOnTheNationalMall #LatinoMuseumNow