Lisseth DeGracia

Lisseth DeGracia is a nurse at Children’s Minnesota and previously served as an ER Nurse at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. When the COVID-19 crisis hit New York hard, this single mother from Shakopee, MN heard the pleas from NY Governor Cuomo during a press conference and decided she had to help. This brave and selfless healthcare professional on the frontlines said, “Anybody who has the skill, the background, has the availability and the opportunity to do it, should do it.” She took a leave of absence to volunteer for a 13-week tour at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, the hardest hit hospital in NYC. She will need to quarantine for 14 days when she returns. While it’s a long time to be away from her children, she says it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make. Click here to read more about Lisseth’s story –