(Washington, D.C.) – The Friends of the American Latino Museum (FRIENDS) extends its congratulations and gratitude to the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico on the town’s recent resolution in support of legislation to establish a Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino. Adopted on July 8, 2019, the resolution underscores Bernalillo’s commitment to honoring the vital role of Latinos in American history, and voices support for H.R. 2420 and S. 1267 to authorize the creation of a museum through the Smithsonian Institution. New Mexico plays a strong part in American Latino history, with numerous key figures originating in the state, including suffragist and civil rights leader Adelina Ortero-Warren and the first Latino elected to the US Senate, Dennis Chavez.

“The Town of Bernalillo is excited to participate in this conversation institutionalizing the rich and deep Latino heritage of our country,” said Jack Torres, Mayor of Bernalillo. “The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino will reinforce for our families the importance of their ancestors and how generations of Bernalillo residents contributed to the formation and ongoing successes of our nation.”

“We know there is local support all over the nation for the creation of this museum,” said Francela Chi de Chinchilla, Vice President of Advocacy and Partnerships of FRIENDS. “We thank the residents, Town Council, and Mayor of Bernalillo for their dedication to ensuring that the stories of American Latinos throughout history are included in our national institutions. It is critical that Congress pay attention to what is happening in their hometowns and heed the call for the passage of the National Museum of the American Latino Act.”

The Town of Bernalillo’s resolution joins localities from Miami to New York to Tolleson, Arizona across the United States that have passed resolutions in support of a Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino.