Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino


Adorable Monique

Naples, FL


"My inspiration for my design comes from the gaining of knowledge and perception of all situations in our changing world, raising the awareness of all circumstances that arise and that is inside each and every one of us. We are the authors of our present and future so we must write the story of development, inclusion, and liberty from all taboos and other issues that have restricted us from achieving all that we can achieve. Growing is a natural process and guidance towards wisdom is essential in a declining world. The enlightening experience sets you free and places you in a concrete reality in which you are capable to succeed.The capacity of our consciousness appreciation and perception assure an intuitive understanding becoming aware of others’ feelings and dreams, working together in appreciation and consideration. The vision of creating a story for all is based on the compromise and desire to accomplish the story. So is the reality of many who unite seeking that goal. Every one of us carries many dreams, traditions, and believes in our natural, spiritual world and humankind's place in it, solely on the basis of reason."

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Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino

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