We Stand With Dreamers

The campaign for a Smithsonian American Latino Museum is a non-partisan initiative focused on ensuring that our nation’s history is laid out in the most accurate and inclusive way, specifically as it relates to the American Latino experience. A precise accounting of history can dispel myths, rumor and misunderstandings that shape our viewpoints and even our public policy.

This week's announcement by the Administration rescinding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) brings with it real consequences for those we know as Dreamers. It also has an impact on Americans, families, local economies, our military and public sector—who may not understand the importance of programs like this.

Like many of you, we’re thinking about the Dreamers. We feel for all those who could now face deportation and their families being torn apart. We’re hurting for our communities, who are struggling with a now uncertain future.

We’re thinking about how deeply flawed mythology about immigrants has informed the government’s decision today. The revocation of DACA is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Latino story, the immigrant story, the American story.

The stories of the braceros, immigrants encouraged to come to this country on work permits in the 1940s-1960s, whose back-breaking work and activism paved the way for fair labor standards in this country. Of the Hispanic entrepreneurs, including immigrants, who helped keep the American economy alive during last decade’s recession and started a quarter of all new American businesses in 2014. Of the Latino immigrants who have fought and died in American wars, and played key roles in the American Revolution, furthering the vision of manifest destiny.

This is why we’re more committed than ever to making sure that our American history is complete and captures the full American Latino experience: to lift up the contributions generations of American Latinos have made to this nation, and to ensure our nation knows that the Latino story is part of our American heritage.

En Solidaridad (In Solidarity),

The Friends of the American Latino Museum Team