For the ninth year running, we gave our supporters the opportunity to share their vision for the 2020 American Latino Museum campaign. Congratulations to Cristiano Mattos on winning for the third year! Join us next year to participate again. 

Over the years, we have received hundreds of thoughtful, creative, and beautiful designs from artists across the country. This year, you impressed us once again with your creativity and inspiration.

The winner of our Design contest will not only have his or her work serve as the centerpiece of all of our special events and communiques this year, but they received a $500.00 Target gift card. The artist will forever be credited with his design as part of this historic campaign to create the first national museum dedicated to honoring the contributions of American Latinos.

Congratulations to Cristiano G. Mattos of Indiana for his 2020 Winning Design: “Girl with the Guitar.” 

“This piece is inspired by the older generation reaching out to the youth of today through their talent, positive attitude, hard work, and the willingness to dream big. Selena Quintanilla is included in the background as she has been the inspiration to many, like the pictured girl with the guitar.”